Gifting is Gorgeous!

While I never expect gifts from my lovers, a handpicked just for me will always be welcomed and graciously received. Here are some ideas to get you thinking in the right direction: 

     * * * * *

Fresh From the Farmer's Market:

~ Fresh Fruits: sweet Apples, Pears, and Plums; juicy Berries, and seasonal delights. 

~ Artisanal Olive Oils, Balsamic Reductions, Tapenades, Maple Syrup, and Homemade Jams

~ Grass-fed Meats & Cheeses


On the Fly/Corner-store Gifts: 

~ Flowers: Peruvian Lillies (alstroemeria), Tiger Lillies, & Lillacs 

~ Chocolates: Dark and Smooth 

~ Libations: Warm Chai Lattes, Buttery Chardonnays, Crisp Champagnes


Donations to Me and Goals:

~ To my Master's Program Tuition.


Donations to These Incredible Organizations: 

~ Callen Lorde Community Health Center

~ Planned Parenthood


     * * * * *


For a comprehensive cheatsheet of specific items which will delight me, check my Wishlist

Siren Smith